5 essentials swimming gears your child needs before Summer ends.

Swimming is one of the best exercises. In countries like India where Summers lasts till September, it can be practiced throughout. So here are the list of the essentials you need if you are a beginner.

  1. Goggles: Unlike sunglasses, swimming gaggles are very important for eyes. Swimming especially effects eyes being most sensitive.

2. Inflatable Swimming pool: Small size pool for small kids help them remove water fear and is a nice play time. It also helps mother to make their babies bath comfortably.

Ajmeri Intex Soft PVC Pool for Kids, 6 Feet (Blue)

3. Swimming Cap: Cap is another essential for swimming to protect hair.

4. Swimming trunks for boys and dress for girls: Proper costume helps kids to be comfortable ion water.

5. The complete Swimming kit will help the beginners to startup with swimming. It contains googles, ear clip, cap and nose plug. It helps to begin and pursue your passion for swimming. It also can be a perfect gift to a kid who wants to learn swimming.

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